Initiated by engageability and öbu, the project entered its fifth round in 2019, in close partnership with RepRisk. Support was also provided by a top-class consortium of multi-stakeholder experts, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The 2019 analysis covers 123 sustainability reports and is the largest analysis of this kind ever conducted in Switzerland. Hence, it highlights current trends and practices in a representative manner.

The primary objective of Focused Reporting is to promote comprehensive sustainability reporting, which at the same time appears credible and places emphasis on relevant sustainability issues.

The comprehensiveness of the reports has been analysed via the categories:

  • Principles
  • Content
  • Experience

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The credibility of sustainability priorities has been analysed via the categories:

  • Transparency
  • Impact Orientation
  • Stakeholder Orientation

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The relevance of sustainability priorities has been analysed via the categories:

  • Company issues
  • Industry issues
  • Country issues

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Comprehensive reports


Credible priorities


Relevant issues


  • Conducting a materiality analysis and disclose process and results
  • Setting SMART and impact-oriented targets up to 2030
  • Engaging stakeholders and disclosing as well as integrating stakeholder feedback
  • Focusing on hotspots along the value chain
  • Reporting on critical cases/issues of the company and industry

Which reports were analysed?

With 123 analysed sustainability reports from Swiss companies representing 14 sectors, Focused Reporting represents the most comprehensive national benchmark study. Through a careful selection process, a representative sample was selected.

What are the key results?

Among the TOP 3 companies, there are 3 multinational companies: Clariant, LafargeHolcim and Weleda. Sectorwise, the food & beverage sector achieved the highest average score. Biggest room for improvement remains within the real estate sector.

How can I enhance my report?

Learn more about our offers, which include the provision of results of your current report and recommendations for future reports. We also offer specific advice on your reporting strategy, materiality analysis, stakeholder panels, and more.


“The work as an expert in focused reporting was extremely exciting and instructive for me. Focused Reporting raises sustainability reporting to a new level. The inclusion of different perspectives, which have often only been used on their own up to now, enables a comprehensive presentation of the topics relevant from a sustainability perspective and their clearly substantiated assessment. I find the assessment of a company’s key issues with regard to transparency, impact and stakeholder orientation particularly useful in highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a report.”
Doris Hauser

Head of Sustainability Research, FormaFutura Invest

“Reporting on sustainability is an opportunity to align actions internally and communication externally. This is done with a focus on material issues and an integrated value creation.”
Stephan Lienin

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Sustainserv

“Transparency is fundamental to ensuring that responsible corporate governance can establish itself as a standard. We are therefore pleased to support this unique project and thus contribute to greater transparency and sustainability in Swiss companies.”
Britta Margraf

Business Lead Supply Chain, RepRisk

“Relevance enhances focus and is the best way to counter escalating reporting burdens.”
Peter Zollinger

Head Impact Research, Globalance

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