Experts group

All experts participated in the quality check
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External experts

Claus-Heinrich Daub

Professor of Sustainable Management and Marketing, FHNW

Albert von Däniken

Lead Auditor, SGS

Susanna Fieber

Deputy Head of Area – Cooperation and Dialogue, Federal Office for the Environment

Doris Hauser

Head of Sustainability Research, FormaFutura Invest

Manjit Jus

Head of Sustainability Application & Operations, Robeco SAM

Damian Oettli

Head of Business & Consumption, WWF Switzerland

Peter Teuscher

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, BSD Consulting

Herbert Winistörfer

Lecturer & Head Center for Corporate Responsibility, ZHAW

Peter Zollinger

Head Impact Research, Globalance

Internal Experts

Barbara Dubach

Managing Director and Founder, engageability

Britta Margraf

Business Lead – Supply Chain, RepRisk

Katrin Muff

Thought leader, Stiftung Mission Possible

Seta Thakur

CEO, öbu