Experts group

All experts participated in the quality check
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External experts

Albert von Däniken

Lead Auditor, SGS

Susanna Fieber

Deputy Head of Area – Cooperation and Dialogue, Federal Office for the Environment

Doris Hauser

Head of Sustainability Research, FormaFutura Invest

Stephan Lienin

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Sustainserv

Manjit Jus

Head of Sustainability Application & Operations, Robeco SAM

Damian Oettli

Head of Business & Consumption, WWF Switzerland

Peter Teuscher

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, BSD Consulting

Herbert Winistörfer

Lecturer & Head Center for Corporate Responsibility, ZHAW

Peter Zollinger

Head Impact Research, Globalance

Internal Experts

Olmar Albers

CEO, öbu

Barbara Dubach

Managing Director and Founder, engageability

Lilian Furrer

Senior Advisor, RepRisk

Katrin Muff

Thought leader, Stiftung Mission Possible