Our Analysis Offer

Our offer to analyse sustainability reports and participate in the Benchmarking 2023 includes the following benefits and services:

Focused Reporting is your ideal partner for the methodological optimization of your sustainability reporting. Our specialized support helps your company produce complete and meaningful reporting that focuses on relevant sustainability issues and strengthens your company’s credibility.

Our comprehensive analyses result in a Switzerland-wide benchmarking, which is updated every two years and provides insight into the latest trends and practices. This ensures that you are always up to date and can adapt your sustainability strategy accordingly. Choosing Focused Reporting will help you guide your company on the path to a successful and sustainable future.

Preview of reports

– Dashboard example
– Detailed report example


1) Registration to particpate in the benchmarking 2023 is open until 15th of July. Registration for an analysis outside of the benchmark is possible at all times.

2) A comprehensive benchmarking is carried out from a participation of more than 100 companies.


  1. öbu and CCR members receive a 10% discount on the basic package.
  2. 10% discount for repeated participation in benchmarking with the same package.
  3. 5% discount for upgrading to a more comprehensive package in the next analysis.

Disclaimer: The discount for repeated participation applies to companies that order a Focused Reporting Analysis annually. A maximum of 2 discounts per company can be applied.