Quality check

In order to ensure the credibility and quality of the project, a multi-stakeholder panel of experts has been set up to carry out a quality check of the analyses.

Experts have been asked to …

  • Join an online training before the quality check, to understand the methodology behind the results and the role of an expert.
  • Review a specific sector, not all sectors.
  • Check the quality of the analysis in form of sample testing, not an in-depth-review (due to time constraints).
  • Start with the best and worst rated company and compare the results. This allows a sense of whether the evaluation scheme has been applied consistently.
  • Take a look at the materiality table before starting with the assessment, as many criteria refer to these topics.
  • Check within the dashboard especially badly evaluated criteria and whether suggestions for improvement could be helpful or are understandable and relevant to practice.

Download quality check template here (in German).