Curious who is going to analyze 150 sustainability reports of Swiss companies this year?

Our analysts give you some insights on who they are, from which field they come from and what motivates them to participate in the FOCUSED REPORTING BENCHMARKING 2021!

“The ‘Focused Reporting’ benchmark provides Swiss companies a great opportunity to improve their Sustainability reporting performance.”

Anna Hausser, Sustainability Consultant

“Transparent reporting on material social and environmental impacts should be part of corporate social responsibility and serves to measure their contribution to sustainable development. Due to the many ways in which sustainability reports can be created, I am looking forward to getting to know an evaluation system that promotes comparability.”

Maëlle Mühlethaler, Sustainability Consultant

“I believe transparent, comprehensive & relevant reporting is essential for implementing the sustainability aspirations of Swiss companies – locally and globally. The Focused Reporting analysis not only captures the state of the art across industries but further presents a valuable opportunity for individual companies to improve their own sustainability reporting.”

Michèle Egger, Graduate in International Development

“Nowadays every company should strive to put sustainability at the heart of its actions. I believe thus that it’s fundamental to perform analysis like this one, to help companies to reach sustainability in the most fair and accurate way, avoiding any form of greenwashing.”

Nicole HIltbrand, Master student Environmental System and Policy

“I have a passion for sustainability and am of the firm belief, that reporting is crucial for a more sustainable world. As they say – what get’s measured get’s done – and sustainability is no exception.”

Sabrina Schilter, Master graduate in Sustainability and Energy Management  

“In times where sustainability is becoming more important to the general public, it is essential to analyse how transparent, complete and credible companies report on it. Therefore, I am very pleased to be one of the analysts of “Focused Reporting” this year.

Vanessa Scheungraber, Master Student in Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering